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My web site was designed to provide as much information as possible about my snake collection and the offspring that I produce. For those of you wishing to purchase an animal, it is hoped that you will have a very good idea of what you are getting, before you get it. At this site you will find photos of nearly all my breeders and photos of nearly all offspring. I try to have the photos of the offspring posted as soon as possible after they have hatched.

The site currently contains 1503 web pages and 1024 photos. The table below describes the different types of page collections that make up the bulk of the site.

Page Type # Pages Description
Specimen Page
Every individual snake in the site has it own web page. Included are my breeders, a majority of their ancestors, all offspring and all animals on the current stock list. Each page contains extensive data on the particular specimen, including one or more photos, taxonomy, the origin of the snake (wild caught, captive born), hatch/collection dates, description, sex, age, feeding information, owner, comments, etc. Extensive genealogy is also presented with 3 tables - a clutch table, an ancestor table and a offspring table. The clutch table lists the clutch the individual came from if captive born and clutches the snake produced, if any. The ancestor table lists all ancestors of the specimen back to wild caughts, when known. The offspring table lists the offspring of the specimen. For example pages see lng90a0001, bgp93w0001.
Clutch Page
Most clutches that are referred to in this site will have their own page. Included are clutches that have recently been laid or have recently hatched, and a select set of historical clutches that might have produced current breeders or their ancestors. Each clutch page will contain data pertinent to the clutch - taxonomy, egg count, lay date, hatchling count, hatch date, breeder, etc. An Offspring table lists the specimens that came from this clutch with brief descriptions. An ancestry table like shown on the specimen pages is also shown. For an example clutch page see bgp9704. 187 clutch pages exist at this time.
Clutch Photo Exhibit
These pages are similar to the Clutch Pages except that photos of each snake are included. Obviously these pages will take longer to download; however, they are more informative. For an example, see bgp9704 Photo Exhibit.
Form Page
Every form that I work with (Langtry alterna, Honduran Milksnake, etc.) has a page dedicated to it. Each page contains a brief discussion, a table listing my breeders and a current stock table. The Price List contains links to all form pages. For an example form page, see the Black Gap page.
Form Breeder Photo Exhibit
These pages show photos of all of my breeders for a particular form - all on one page. For an example, see the Black Gap Breeder Photo Exhibit page. Once again they might take while to download since several photos will be on a single page.
Form Current Stock Photo Exhibit
Similar to the above except it shows "for sale" specimens of the form. For an example, see the Black Gap Current Stock Photo Exhibit page.

Technical details about this site

This web site is the product of a computer program that was designed specifically for the site. This program has two primary functions - 1) To create a database of information and 2) to generate the web pages (html files) from the database. The data that this program stores includes most everything about individual snakes, clutches, photos and people that you see throughout my site. The program has a user interface that allows very rapid input of this data. For example, input of data for one snake will take anywhere from a few seconds to a minute. Because the web pages are automatically generated, the pages are not subject to many errors that can occur when hand editing a web page (in other words with an html editor). For example, all links between pages, where pages both exist at my site, work - 100% of the time. Complicated parts of the pages like genealogical tables are very accurate.

The site and software were designed and written by yours truly.

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