Dan Johnson Captive Bred Snakes - Black Gap Alterna Wildcaught Table
bgpass0001 y alterna, dark gray, average orange 5 Bob Assetto NA deceased NA
bgpmil0002 n blairs, medium gray, langtry-like NA ? Dennis Miller 8/24/1971 (approx.) deceased NA
bgpmur0001 y NA NA ? R.G. Murphy 1972 deceased NA
bgpmil0001 y Dark gray; bright, wide, tomato red saddles; heavy white 10 Dennis Miller 6/1972 deceased NA
bgpbyd0001 y alterna, medium gray, ordinary NA ? Steve Boyd 6/6/1973 deceased NA
bgpeas0001 n alterna, medium gray, nondescript NA David Easterly 1975 (approx.) deceased NA
bgphdg0002 n dark, bright red NA Craig Hodgson 1976 deceased NA
bgpjgr0001 n NA NA ? J. Green 4/1977 deceased NA
bgpmac0001 y alterna, light, pin-striped, orange slits 9 Bob Mackin 1982 unknown NA
bgprgr0001 n blairs, good orange 9 ? Rick Green 1982 (approx.) unknown NA
bgpmec0001 y NA NA Ray Meckel and B. King 6/1982 deceased NA
bgpphi0001 y alterna, dark gray, red slits, triples 8 Mike Chambers 5/1985 unknown NA
bgphdg0001 y blairs, white speckling in orange, medium gray 8 Craig Hodgson 1987 deceased NA
bgpame0001 y blairs, dark gray, dull orange, pin-striped black, orange alternates 4 Keith Amelong 1988 (approx.) deceased NA
bgpben0001 y alterna, dark gray, orange slits, triple alternates 9 Charley Bentley 7/2/1989 deceased NA
bgpcsm0001 n alterna NA Charles Smith 10/7/1989 deceased NA
bgpfor0002 y Intermediate phase, very washed out orange, very unusual 9 Mike Forstner 1990 deceased NA
bgpfor0003 y alterna, orange diamonds, busy, dark 8 Mike Forstner 6/1990 deceased NA
bgp98a0001 y alterna, heavily triple alternated, orange slits 10 Chris Sheldon 6/10/1990 living Dan Johnson
bgpand0001 y blairs, avg orange, dark 4 Brad Anderson 7/27/1990 living Brad Anderson
bgphll0001 y alterna, dark, single alternates 5 John Hollister 9/12/1990 deceased NA
bgpand0002 y blairs, medium gray, white flecks in orange, busy 8 Brad Anderson 5/14/1991 deceased NA
bgpben0002 y alterna, dark gray, orange slits 5 Charley Bentley 6/1991 living Charley Bentley
bgpfor0001 y alterna, bullseye alternates, speckled, dark 9 Mike Forstner 6/1991 living Brad Anderson
bgp96a0003 y medium-dark alterna, orange slits, a couple triples 7 Chris Sheldon 7/13/1991 living Dan Johnson
bgplas0001 n alterna, dark, bright red 8 NA 1992 living Mark Hakkila
bgphub0001 y alterna, dark, no orange, single alternates 3 Brian Hubbs 5/4/1992 deceased NA
bgphib0001 y blairs, medium gray bright orange 7 Troy Hibbitts 5/28/1992 deceased NA
bgpmar0001 y alterna, medium gray, speckled, no orange 8 John Martin 6/10/1992 deceased NA
bgp92w0001 y alterna, dark gray, narrow pastel orange 3 Dan Johnson 7/4/1992 deceased NA
bgp96a0002 y blairs, washed out orange 5 Chris Sheldon 7/4/1992 living Dan Johnson
bgp96a0001 y patternless, medium gray 10 Chris Sheldon 5/21/1993 living Dan Johnson
bgp93w0001 y alterna, speckled, little orange 8 Dan Johnson 5/24/1993 living Dan Johnson
bgp93w0002 y blairs, light gray, wide bright orange, single alternates 10 Dan Johnson 6/12/1993 deceased NA
bgphib0004 y alterna, no alternates, orange slits 3 Troy Hibbitts 7/8/1993 living Troy Hibbitts
bgpdoh0001 y blairs, medium gray, black & white checkering in orange 8 David Doherty 5/22/1994 deceased NA
bgp94w0001 y blairs, light gray, bright orange, single alternates 8 Dan Johnson 7/14/1994 living Dan Johnson
bgpblr0001 y intermediate phase, dark gray, faded orange 7 Ric Blair 1995 deceased NA
bgp97a0002 y blairs, dirty orange saddles with faded centers 2 Norman Nunley 5/29/1995 living Dan Johnson
bgphib0005 y blairs, wide bright red saddles 10 Troy Hibbitts 6/1/1995 living Troy Hibbitts
bgpnun0001 y alterna, medium gray, some triples, almost no orange 8 Norman Nunley 6/6/1996 deceased NA
bgpsie0001 y alterna, black, little orange 8 Jon Siefer 6/16/1996 living John Siefer
bgp97a0001 y blairs, good orange narrow saddles 8 Norman Nunley 5/24/1997 living Dan Johnson
bgpdoh0002 y blairs, medium gray, good orange, orange-centered bullseye alternates 9 David Doherty 5/27/1997 living David Doherty
bgpren0001 n alterna NA Gus Rentfro 5/1998 living Gus Rentfro
bgpnun0002 y alterna, a few triples, orange slits, medium-dark gray NA Norman Nunley 8/25/1998 (approx.) living Jon Siefer
bgp98w0001 y blairs, narrow saddles, anterior bullseye alternates, so-so orange 8 Dan Johnson 9/15/1998 living Dan Johnson
bgphib0006 y alterna, single alternates with some speckling on neck, bow ties, good white borders 5 Troy Hibbitts 7/2/2000 living Troy Hibbitts
bgphib0007 y blairs, three alternates 5 Kenny Wray & Troy Hibbitts 5/20/2001 living Troy Hibbitts

Black Gap Wildcaught Photo Exhibit

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