STRIPED MULLET Mugil cephalus
striped mullet, mugil cephalus
Buffalo Bayou @ Hwy 6, Harris County

striped mullet, mugil cephalus
2.5" specimen collected in the Trinity River @ Rt. 3278, just below Lake Livingston, Polk County

The striped mullet is primarily a fish of salt water, but occurs considerable distances up all rivers and bayous in the area and can be quite common. In the cement lined Brays Bayou, mullet are abundant year round. Schools of adults are commonly seen in water less than a foot deep and are very noticable to the large numbers of people who use the hike and bike path next to the bayou. The mullet frequently jump. Osprey are common in the area and probably prey primarily on the mullet. This is a great spot to practice castnetting. Occasionally fishermen show up with cast nets to collect mullet for bait for fishing elsewhere. Mullet are not unusual in all other rivers and bayous in the area. My personal experience is that mullet adapt poorly to the aquarium; however, I've read accounts of others who have had success.

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