GIZZARD SHAD Dorosoma cepedianum

gizzard shad, dorosoma cepedianum
2". Buffalo Bayou @ Hwy 6, Harris County

gizzard shad, dorosoma cepedianum

gizzard shad, dorosoma cepedianum

The gizzard shad is abundant in rivers, bayous and some impoundments in the Houston area. Their biomass most likely exceeds that of any other fish, with striped mullet coming in second place. Castnetting can frequently be a very productive technique for collecting them. Shad are a schooling fish and when the cast net lands in the right place, large numbers can be caught with a single throw. I've had numerous throws that netted 30-50 individuals. The gizzard shad prefers turbid water, so schools are not readily observed. Shad are the most difficult local fish to establish in an aquarium. They are very fragile and are filter feeders that don't do well in nutrient poor, clear, aquarium water. I released several individuals in my backyard pond and they managed to survive approximately two weeks. Those transferred to an aquarium are invariably dead within twenty four hours.

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